New emulsifier reduces costs in sausage production

There is a new emulsifier (emulsifying and stabilizing agent) on the market with extremely high water-binding capacity!  In this way you can save costs in sausage production, which is of course very welcome with the rapidly rising raw material prices of today.

You can create a new meat block or a new fat block, which are excellent low-cost raw materials for the production of industrial sausages.


  • Cost effective. Allows the addition of a high percentage of water, reducing the calorie intake and production costs of the final product
  • Can be used with all types of vegetable oil
  • Suitable as a new meat block and can be used with any type of meat


I have had good results in producing cooked sausage with the following recipe: (1:5:19)

  • 1 part emulsifier
  • 5 parts vegetable oil, or animal fat, or animal fat/vegetable oil, or chicken skin or mdm meat, or pieces of meat.
  • 19 parts water


  • Put the vegetable oil, animal fat, chicken skin, meat, or pieces of meat into the cutter and run the cutter on high speed for a while.
  • Add Emulsifier on low speed.
  • Increase the cutting speed again and add water step by step until a fine emulsion is obtained.
  • Store emulsion in cold room at 0-5°C until further use. Product will be firm after 5 hours of resting.
  • After resting, you will have a new block that you can use in your sausage recipes.


New replacement meat block (without dye) made with 1 kg emulsifier, 5 kg minced meat, 19 kg water
You can dice and slice the new meat block.
The new meat block after grinding and greasing in the bowlcutter
Sausage dough
New meat block in cooked sausage

Because sausage production is a craft

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