Sausage in profile: hybrid sausages

More and more people are choosing to eat less or no meat. Some choose to cut down on eating meat, the so-called flexitarian. The other wants to stop eating meat or animal protein altogether and becomes a vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes you might still have a little craving for meat products, so you look for a vegetarian or vegan alternative. For that purpose, I developed the “hybrid bologna.” This is a sausage that consists of 50% meat and 50% vegetables and have a consistent taste.

Compared to the bologna sausage made from meat, the hybrid variety has the following healthier properties.

  •  consistent product characteristics with flexible addition of vegetables
  • high in fibres, low in cholesterol and fat
    – balanced supply of animal and vegetable proteins
  • contributes to the reduction of meat consumption

Hybrid sausages

In addition to the Hybrid Bologna concept, you also see on the market:

  • Hybrid grilled sausage type Bratwurst
  • Hybrid cooked sausage type Extrawurst
  • Hybrid hamburger
  • Hybrid chicken nugget
  • Hybrid minced meat
  • Hybrid pâté
  • And many more

These products are suitable for 

  • Flexitarians
  • Health-conscious and environmentally aware people
  • People who want to reduce their meat consumption but do not want to give up taste completely
  • Further individual recipes with hybrid concept can be developed on request.

Because sausage production is a craft

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