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30 years experience
Specialised experience in Asia and International culture experience

My name is Johan Kwaaitaal, born and raised in the Netherlands (Europe). I’m specialized in concept development of innovative sausage products. 

If you were to translate my family name into English, it would mean Mr Bad Language.  Fortunately, I speak several languages (English, German, Dutch) which allows me to make myself understood in foreign countries.

After successfully completing my Agricultural Business in the Netherlands in 1989, I worked in various positions at suppliers of machinery for the meat processing industry in the Netherlands such as Protecon, Stork MPS, Townsend and Stork Food Systems. In addition, I work with ALMI GmbH in Austria, a supplier of spices and additives for the food industry.

In 1996 I traveled to China and Southeast Asia for the first time. Despite the big differences in daily life in Europe, I feel completely at home. What a beautiful, rich culture.  In recent years I have been working to translate authentic European sausage products such as the German Bratwurst, Italian Salami, Bacon into new products for the Asian market so that they are tasty, healthy, and safe. I liked to bring the best of these two worlds together in 1 product.


With the website Johankwaaitaal.com  I want to secure the knowledge that is part of the craft of sausage making. It is my mission to make make it possible for the meat processing industry to translate the old craft of sausage making into an appropriate efficient process technology.  

Responding to market developments

Now we are in the food transition.  To guarantee sufficient, sustainable, and healthy food in a healthy living environment in the long term, adjustments are necessary in the entire food system.  And that means that we will be producing and consuming in a completely different way. This change will not happen overnight. It is a development that is already in full swing and will continue to do so in the coming years. 

How can you respond to these developments? 

Now, with more than 30 years of experience in the meat processing industry, I know better than anyone what it takes to produce high-quality sausages on an industrial scale that meet the high demands and taste expectations of consumers.  Now and in the future. If you want to anticipate these changes, please contact me.

Johan Kwaaitaal

Because sausage production is a craft

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