High protein sausage snack

While the concept of sausage is simple, thousands of variations can be found throughout the world.  Sausages can be raw (fresh), low temperature, medium temperature and high temperate. They are made of meat or plant based.

In my blog “Sausage in Profile” series aims to introduce you to different types of sausage—their flavour profiles, histories, and uses—from familiar favourites to unique finds.

High protein food trend

Many people know that protein helps with satiety, weight loss and control, and muscle building and maintenance.  Protein is more satiating to the body than carbohydrates. This is ideal if you are dieting and feel like having a snack. When you snack with protein you feel satisfied faster and you can move on until the next meal.

With more than two-thirds of the population overweight or obese and a growing elderly population looking to nutrition to mitigate the effects of aging (such as age-related muscle loss), it makes sense that there is a growing consumer interest in protein. This creates new opportunities that relate to the functional benefits of different proteins,

High protein sausages

The traditional pork sausage is packed with protein, containing on average 11g each. If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to prepare elaborate meals full of protein. Reaching for a protein-rich snack is ideal. But there is another advantage of protein-rich snacks: they spread your protein intake throughout the day. A snack with protein offers consumers a healthy snack option and provides satiety and support during exercise.  Small portions and single-serve packaging are essential to support portable snacks.

 The benefits of protein are well documented for maintaining and building lean muscle mass and improving tissue health. Whether you are looking to bulk up on muscle mass, or slim down, protein is vital!

You see in the market high protein snack sausages.


  • high protein product
  • fat reduced
  • salt reduced version
  • also possible vitamins can be added on request

Ideal for nutrition types low carb and anabolic diets

Want to capitalize on this lifestyle and develop sausages that fit it sausages that fit it?

Because sausage production is a craft

Want to know more about industrial sausage production, sausage technology and machinery?