Concept development meat and alternative proteins

Concept Development food processing industry

Wherever you are in the world, food trends change quickly. One food trend is not over yet, and another is just around the corner. In general, we see that consumers are more aware of their food. They want to know where ingredients come from and whether food is produced in a responsible manner. 

Consumers are becoming more critical and aware of the effects of healthy food. Younger consumers in the west are more likely to choose a diet with meat reduction or vegan or vegetarian diet.

The entire food chain realises that a lot of food is thrown away and wasted in the chain. Consumers as well as industry, retail and the catering sector want to combat food waste. It is important that food manufacturers respond to these trends and developments.

Johan is a specialist in concept development and helps food producers to develop new, innovative concepts in response to trends and developments. 

Meat and alternatieve proteins

Do you have an innovative idea to develop a new concept in the field of meat or alternative proteins? Are you looking to build a unique product category, adding something different? Are you already in a further stage of the development process and is it time to start producing the product or service on a small scale? Or do you want to design a new concept from start to finish? Then Johan can help you. 

Johan is educated in business management and food technologist and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of food processing, especially in the meat processing industry. The technical and technological ability in the field of industrial production ensures an excellent link between concept and realisation.

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Concept development meat and alternative proteins